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Welcome to the home of the Valley Shore Y Marlins! The VSY Marlins are one of the top USA Swimming competitive age group programs in the region, with a high percentage of our swimmers going on to higher levels of competition. The swim team is composed of boys and girls ranging in age from 6 to 18. Membership in this group is a both a challenging and rewarding experience. Swimmers train at the Valley Shore Y pool in Westbrook, CT.

The program is designed to be rewarding for all levels of swimmers -- from those new to swimming, to swimmers who consistently place at the top of their age groups in competitive swimming. The program seeks to provide every swimmer-athlete, regardless of experience, to develop to their highest level of swimming and personal achievement. Along with learning competitive swimming skills, being a Marlin exposes children to self-discipline, respect, loyalty, good sportsmanship and fun. It takes hard work to be a good competitor, but to be successful you have to enjoy what you are doing.
Upcoming Events
Greenknoll May Invite
May 16 (04:00 AM) ~ 18 (06:00 AM), 2014
NMEG 13 Over Decathlon
May 30 (04:00 PM) ~ Jun 1 (04:00 AM), 2014
10 and under Pentathlon
May 31 (08:00 AM) ~ 31 (01:00 PM), 2014
11 & 12 Pentathlon
Jun 1 (08:00 AM) ~ 1 (01:00 PM), 2014
SNCO qualifier
Jun 21 (07:30 AM) ~ 22 (06:00 AM), 2014
Open Water Championships
Jun 28 (08:00 AM) ~ 28 (12:00 PM), 2014
Bash at the Beach
Jul 8 (05:15 AM) ~ 9 (08:30 AM), 2014